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Paul Jensen

A SERIOUS MAN (2009) 4 stars

The Coens knock another one out of the park. Ten times funnier than Burn after Reading, Serious Man is unsettling and ambiguous. The ending left me speechless (as did the prologue). This is the kind of film that leaves you with plenty of intriguing memories that make you just want to watch the film again. So in the end, what's it all about? Larry's constant attempts at being a "serious" man is his ‘cross to bear’. We all try and keep the wolf at the door, so to speak. However, the sin that he commits in the end brings about a type of armageddon. It's all rather brilliant. In typical Coens fashion, we're never sure whether they are sincere in their profound allegory, or perhaps they're just messing with us. Also, like Fargo, the most instantly memorable supporting character is a borderline stereotypical Asian man. Strange, yet genius.


Genre: Comedy
Director: Joel Coen