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Paul Jensen

BARRY LYNDON (1975) 4 stars

Dehumanization is one of Kubrick's most favorite themes. Who's at fault in this tragic story? Isn't everyone equal? The irony and absurdity is perfectly captured throughout this picturesque and truly epic tale. On the surface everything is splendid in its rich and mannered ways. But below the surface lurks the vulgar and hypocritical society. People are ugly and corrupt. Kubrick portrays us as who we are and not as who we'd like to be. It's a film unlike anything else. Kubrick also pioneered new camera technology to create a look that feels completely authentic to its era, making it a tragic character study with brilliant set pieces. Above all, it's the pacing and tempo that makes this film so engrossing. The music, imagery (like paintings coming to life) and controlled performances make this film so immensely captivating.


Genre: Drama
Director: Stanley Kubrick