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Paul Jensen

THE AVIATOR (2004) 4.5 stars

One of Scorsese's most accessible but no less brilliant films. Apparently, Marty's inspiration was the Greek myth about Icarus who flew too close to the sun - the fake wings melted and he plummeted down to Earth. Great analogy for Hughes. Like many ambitious geniuses, for anyone to reach such heights (literally) a price must be payed. Scorsese handles the epic and the intimate with equal measure. The film is perfectly balanced and astonishingly varied. It's a story that spans decades and Scorsese matches each era with a different cinematic style. It's all in the details. Like Kundun, I love the opening credit. There's something about the elegant simplicity of the image that somehow captures what's to come. Also, De Caprio delivers an outstanding performance which definitely deserves mention. Then of course, the always wonderful Blanchett gives us her Oscar-deserving take on Hepburn. All in all, a masterful film on every level.


Genre: Drama
Director: Martin Scorsese