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Paul Jensen

IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000) 5 stars

Exquisitely and achingly beautiful. Tony and Maggie are perfect together. The greatest love stories are those that are unconsummated. Kar-wai's sophistication in visual storytelling is unmatched. Every time he slows the image down, we get a pivotal moment in the story. Some are subtle, others are deeply moving. During the final moments, the homage to Last Year at Marienbad, is so heartbreaking and truly poetic. This is easily one of the finest films of the last twenty years. Kar-wai finds the metaphor for his love poem to a China that is no more. The beauty and magic of the celluloid is captured forever like the secret encased in mud. Did they sleep together? Perhaps. Is it his child? It just might be. After multiple viewings, In the Mood for Love only gets richer and more rewarding.


Genre: Drama
Director: Wong Kar-wai