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Paul Jensen

THE THIN RED LINE (1998) 5 stars

A Zen masterpiece on war. Malik has returned with such profound perspective and insight. The viewer gets three movies in one. First, it's a riveting story with elements of suspense and intense action revolving around "seizing a bunker." Second, there's such a collection of strong actors and characters that linger with you long after the film is over. The unconventional narration helps identify emotionally with each soldier. Third, Malick takes us on an odyssey for the ages that is both meditative, spiritual and aesthetically beautiful. From man to nature to animals, we are constantly reminded of beauty and horror co-existing. After my fifth viewing, the film still feels fresher that most everything else in recent memory. Ultimately, this is a strong contender for the greatest war film ever made.


Genre: War
Director: Terrence Malick