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Paul Jensen

HAPPY TOGETHER (1997) 5 stars

A bold and passionate portrait of two men in love. Flawless performances, a beautiful soundtrack and an emotional resonance that transcends your traditional love story. Heartrendingly romantic. It's also universal and funny. Instead of relying heavily on plot, Kar-wai gives us a series of simple, honest, and painful moments that ring true and create a mosaic of what it's like getting over a destructive relationship. What's wonderfully fresh about this film is how the gay relationship is not really the point. Anyone who has ever loved and lost and then tried to move on, can totally relate to this film. Certain shots say so much with just a little punctuation and music. The subtext is constantly there, always treating the viewer with utmost respect. It goes without saying that the cinematography is astonishing. Godard's influence is felt and the overall emotional feeling the movie leaves you with is one of complete and utter acceptance, ironic wisdom, and blissful hope. Perfect cathartic filmmaking.


Genre: Foreign
Director: Wong Kar-wai