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Paul Jensen

FARGO (1996) 5 stars

Pitch perfect black comedy. Coen brothers knock another one out of the park. The sparse location is matched by the vacant lead characters.  Unsettling, yet surprisingly profound and humane. It's a dual protagonist story where both Jerry and Marge are in denial and they're world views are shattered. Jerry by the consequences of his actions and Marge by the realization that Mikey lied to her in the restaurant (leading to her doubting Jerry.) Even the brilliant score sums up the sweet banality of the small town with an extreme impending violence that explodes under the surface (much like Taxi Driver.) The repressed societies are often the most violent. Clearly, the non-communicative Swede is the most frightening character in the film. Fargo is the kind of film that is unsettling, yet gets better with each viewing. Every scene is brilliantly hilarious.


Genre: Comedy
Director: Joel Coen