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Paul Jensen

FALLEN ANGELS (1995) 5 stars

Quintessential Wong Kar-wai. Kinetic, touching and visually imaginative. The film takes an expressionistic approach and through romantic details we get a major sense of longing and heartache. We don't see the light of day until the final moments. This is where the yearning for an unattainable love seems to be finally overcome. What makes me love this film with such passion is simply the characters (in particular the father and son subplot) and the remarkable cinematic flair with which Kar-wai weaves his tale of multiple lost loves. It's a triple character study exploring crime, heartache and romantic loneliness. The music and imagery are gorgeous. It's also quite humorous and touching. Kar-wai in the 90's was quickly becoming one of the most compelling and unique filmmakers of the decade.


Genre: Foreign
Director: Wong Kar-wai