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Paul Jensen

CASINO (1995) 5 stars

The epic film for the 90s. Complex and brilliantly made. Scorsese is working on all cylinders. The movie moves like a bullet train and doesn't let up. By the end you feel as if you've witnessed genius and all you can say is "wow!" The opening credits depicts De Niro being cast down into hell. There is definitely parallels to Milton's Paradise Lost. Pesci has never been better, neither has Sharon Stone and the music is perfectly synced to every outstanding sequence. How can a film be so electrifying, insightful, entertaining and profound all at the same time? After my first viewing, I left the theater trembling as if I'd been through a tornado. It truly was a religious experience for me. I love cinema so much and Scorsese's Casino nails everything so flawlessly. It's a film as seductive as Vegas itself.


Genre: Crime
Director: Martin Scorsese