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Paul Jensen

GOODFELLAS (1990) 5 stars

One of the best film of the 90s is hugely influential and technically brilliant with astonishing performances. It also happens to be addictive to watch. By taking the middle of the book and placing it at the beginning, Scorsese proves that he is interested in "how did they do it" and not "will they make it?" He sacrifices the suspense and entertaining route and instead goes for the insightful and educational approach to why these gangsters are the way they are. Even the Lufthansa heist is not shown - this isn't exploitation, it is art. The pacing is relentless with every scene being crucial and revealing. The revolutionary voice-over was daring and effective in its intimate and almost musical approach. It's as much part of the soundtrack as the genius placement of the songs are. The level of authenticity is staggering because here was a story where a man's life depending on telling the truth. It's a perfect, complete and ironically complex film.


Genre: Crime
Director: Martin Scorsese