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Paul Jensen

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981) 5 stars

The movie that started it all...for me. Raiders is probably the most entertaining film ever made. Indiana Jones' iconic image will always remain embedded in my childhood memories. What's most remarkable about this incredibly tight script, is that there hasn't been an action film that has topped it since. The action set pieces are rough and seemingly authentic (pre-CGI), beautifully choreographed and edited; all perfectly scored by John Williams' exhilarating music. There's a seriousness to this film that the sequels lack. The later films tried too hard to capture that 'Indy-feeling' and thus they were written with comedy and silly set pieces in mind. What they're forgetting is that the original Raiders script is actually quite mean and very intense. Almost all the humor, came from the actor's performances and subtle directorial choices. In the end, this rare occurrence of perfect escapism, is ultimately a glorious tribute to moviemaking.


Genre: Action
Director: Steven Spielberg