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Paul Jensen

ANNIE HALL (1977) 5 stars

The breakthrough Woody Allen film that sums up a relationship perfectly. Or rather, the artist's "interpretation" of a relationship. This classic was the film that made audiences perceive Allen in a serious light. Surprising, considering how funny the movie is. It also re-invented the romantic-comedy and has become one of Allen's most influential movies. Clearly, it's a love poem to Diane Keaton and the jokes don't let up. It's both a heart-felt and a remarkably tight script. Most definitely in the top pantheon of comedies. Its story structure came from theatre (with a little help from Fellini) but the end result is entirely cinematic. It helped having Gordon Willis shoot the film. Why aren't comedies this artistically photographed anymore? It's probably one of the top five most influential romantic comedies in history. The way Woody ties it all together in the end is heartwarming, bittersweet and oh so poignant. The lobster behind the fridge never gets old.


Genre: Comedy
Director: Woody Allen