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Paul Jensen

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968) 5 stars

The greatest motion picture ever made. A truly cinematic and tremendously ambitious experience. The more you see it, the more you see in it. It is the story of the evolution of mankind. The mysterious black monoliths are like sign posts, pointing the direction in our evolution. Or perhaps, they represent God? Maybe they’re aliens? Either interpretation works. At first we encounter them when the apes discover weapons (and thus fight over land), millions of years pass illustrating that nothing much has changed. We are still monkeys fighting over land but now the weapon has become a spaceship (or even a pen). Next we spot a monolith on the moon (the film was released one year before man walked on the moon). Next when Dave transcends technology and then finally when he transcends flesh. After all, we are still flawed (the breaking of the wine glass) and we become a “Starchild” that returns to earth. As a result, fittingly Kubrick transcended all other science fiction films and to this day there really is nothing else like 2001.


Genre: Sci-fi
Director: Stanley Kubrick