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Scholar & Instructor on Film Production, Creative Writing, Interactive Narrative, Machinima and Film Theory

A six-time "Instructor of the Year" and "Best Course" winner at VFS, Paul's commitment and passion for cinema and the visual arts has labeled him a 'walking encyclopedia' of classic, modern, Hollywood, and foreign films.  

Paul has worked on independent film projects, as well as in the local film industry. He has credits as Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, and Actor for companies like Rogers TV, Knowledge Network, Caprice Entertainment, MMM Film Finance International, and Hybrid Films. His work as a Story Editor has helped him pursue his own writing and directing career. His horror script Ravenswood is currently under option with Hybrid Films. He also gained experience as 2nd Assistant Director and Assistant Editor on the feature-length film Sweet Amerika.

Having branched out into the Games Industry, Paul has worked with Vancouver-based video game company BigPark, Microsoft in the conceptualization and development of stories for XBox Live games.  A Founder and Master of Ceremonies of The Vancouver Club's Film Club, Paul hosts lecture-based film events on a monthly basis. He also writes for the popular website Taste of Cinema - click on this link to read one of his articles.

Paul currently co-hosts a web series on film called The Two Pauls. Here are links to each episode:

Episode 1: 2014 Academy Award Oscar Nominations

Episode 2: Sexuality, God and Superheroes in Cinema

Episode 3: Action and Violence in the Movies

Invited to the University of Tec de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico as an Academic Leader, Paul presented a workshop covering Storytelling for Film & Video Games. Take a look at his interviews on Personal Experiences, Interactive Narrative & Machinima and The Future of Video Games.

Paul also has a Podcast where he and his Filmmaking colleagues discuss the latest movie releases. Check it out here.

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