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Paul Jensen

A STAR IS BORN (1954) 5 stars

An unforgettable and vicious portrait of Hollywood. During the end of the golden age, this movie hits extremely close to home for many show business types. There is such great subtext in Judy Garland's performance. What James Mason's character was going through, Garland was going through in real life. She bears her soul and the result is outstanding. It's the performance of her life and somehow Cukor manages to draw this gut-wrenching and astonishing performance out of her. It's film imitating life and Garland has never been more sincere. Also, the disintegration of Mason's character is profoundly touching and at times painful to watch. Such honesty, boldness and searing critique on everything Hollywood. I love her, him, the story, the songs, the direction, everything. Out of all the versions that have been made it's this 50s version that is the most gutsy, dark and critical on Hollywood.


Genre: Musical
Director: George Cukor