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Paul Jensen

A PLACE IN THE SUN (1951) 4 stars

George Stevens tends to make films that are deceivingly Hollywood. At first glance he appears to fall into the traditional Hollywood auteur category. But upon further inspection, he's strangely subversive. His best films all have a quietly unsettling tone to them. Place in the Sun is the best example of this. What a dark and tragic love story. Liz Taylor symbolizes the American dream, something that our Hero desires but can not have. Post WWII, that romanticized image was destroyed. Watching these two breathtakingly gorgeous actors fall in love is seductive to the point of infatuation. Then slowly seeing their worlds fall apart makes you cringe in anticipation. The imagery haunts you long after the film is over. In lesser hands this story could have been too melodramatic. In Stevens, it's transcendent.


Genre: Drama
Director: George Stevens