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Paul Jensen


Just when things run the risk of becoming tiresome in the Bond series, they throw us a curve ball with this highly unconventional entry. The STORY elevates this film above almost all the other Bond films. They sure don't make things easy for Bond in this entry. Despite Lazenby being the worst of the 007 actors, great character development is given to James Bond. It's also evident that Peter Hunt's direction was influenced by the French New Wave's jump-cutting and the insanely fast-paced editing, especially during the intense action/suspense scenes. (The car chase was nuts for the time.) One odd plot hole though is that Blofeld doesn't recognize Bond. Yet, they met in the previous one. Strange. Also, during the second act things get very weird and at times don't even feel like a Bond film. However, much is forgiven thanks to the breathtaking ski sequences (the free fall off the cliff!) and thrilling Bobsled chase. Also, Diana Rigg has to be my all-time favorite Bond girl. So much of the film is dedicated to her (so refreshing!) and at times she even overshadows Bond. The ending is also the darkest and bravest hour in the Bond franchise. Unforgettably tragic.


Genre: Action
Director: Peter Hunt