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Paul Jensen

THUNDERBALL (1965) 4.5 stars

The best of the Connery films and lets face it, Connery still remains the best Bond. This was the first in the series to use cinemascope and surround sound and Young has a blast creating such havoc, especially underwater. The climactic boat chase scene is as hysterical and thrilling as Bond gets. Gotta love the fast-motion fighting. Classic! Technically speaking, Thunderball remains a marvel. The water sequences were cutting edge at the time and they still hold up. Connery is ultra-cool with some of his best one-liners ever - "I think he got the point." The death scenes are gritty and the villain rapes and tortures Bond's girl - brutal. Very bold for '65. The opening credits were risque as well and this is the movie that started the 24 hr marathon madness. Also, Nolan borrows the finale for The Dark Knight.


Genre: Action
Director: Guy Hamilton