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Paul Jensen

BREATHLESS (1960) 5 stars

French New Wave explodes on screen with this exhilarating and fresh revolution. Godard breaks the rules along with his protagonist in what is definitive cinema verite. The improvisational feel is captured in both the restlessness of the anti-hero (not to mention the jump-cuts), as well as the hip Jazz score. The influence of American pop culture is evident in our Hero's love interest as well as the constant film references. It's Bogart re-invented and applauded at the same time. This crazy film shines strongest in its daring 25 minute bedroom conversation. We are drawn in and cinema was never the same again. It's funny, hip, clever, sexy and revolutionary. Not bad for a first-time filmmaker. Simply put: it's French cinema at its finest..


Genre: Foreign
Director: Jean-Luc Godard