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Paul Jensen

BLACK NARCISSUS (1947) 5 stars

A Powell & Pressburger masterpiece. Bold sexuality, luscious color photography, an operatic and daring story. What impresses me the most about this highly original film is how passionate their storytelling skills are. Every sequence has a hyper-real quality that embraces the best that cinema has to offer. For kids growing up in the 40s, this was their horror film. Nuns being tempted by sexual impulse! Cardiff's cinematography is mind-blowing. He was one of the first to really understand the potential of technicolor. The film is also daring, creepy, filled with mood and atmosphere. Remarkably, it was all shot in a studio and performed with the musical score playing on the set. Undoubtedly, one for the library.


Genre: Drama
Director: Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger