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Barton Fink

4 Comments | This entry was posted on Feb 05 2011

Barton thinks highly of himself and claims to write about the common man and for the common man, when in truth he knows very little about the “common man” (he never listens – and he thinks Charlie is a nice guy when he’s actually a serial killer). And at any rate, the sad fact is that the common man doesn’t care about his “poetry of the streets” anyway. They’d most likely prefer a good wrestling picture.

The box is a metaphor for the ego – the mind. (After all, there may very well be a head inside.) The words “mind” and “head” are constantly said throughout the film. Barton has a big ego at the start of the film but by the end he realizes how naive he is. His favorite writer is even a fraud. When the woman on the beach asks what’s in the box, his reply is “I don’t know” and “I’m not sure.” He’s finally been humbled. The photograph of this woman on the beach represents the inspiration – “the muse” – that he needs to write. (He also seeks a real muse, Judy Davis, to help him.) Once he’s been through hell (some say literally) and been truly humbled – lived a little – he can finally sit down and write something real (the irony is that Hollywood doesn’t want it). Now that he’s enlightened, he sees things as they really are, both himself and the photograph are no longer fake.

Ultimately, I think it’s the Coens smartest and funniest script. The characters are hilarious (the producer and studio head kill me) and the sound, music and cinematography are all pitch perfect. A masterpiece.

Set in 1941, the story focuses on a New York playwright who moves to a seedy L.A. hotel and suffers from writers” block after being recruited to (more…)
88% liked it

R, 1 hr. 56 min.

Director: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Released: Aug 21, 1991

DVD: May 20, 2003

The Shining

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Feb 05 2011

The most cinematic and artistically genius horror film ever made. Forget the ghosts, Kubrick has made a movie about domestic violence within a dysfunctional family. Brilliant performances and soundtrack. In the late 70s, America’s divorce rate was at an all-time high. Kubrick taps into our cultural anxiety brilliantly. It’s insane just how original The Shining is. Kubrick’s pacing and use of space is what sets this masterpiece apart from most horror films. The over-the-top performances totally get under your skin. Nicholson and Duvall are perfectly cast. I saw this movie when I was eight and it scarred me for life.

Frustrated writer Jack Torrance takes a job as the winter caretaker at the ominous, mountain-locked Overlook Hotel so that he can write in peace. When (more…)
91% liked it

R, 1 hr. 59 min.

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Released: May 23, 1980

DVD: Jun 29, 1999

Eyes Wide Shut

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Definitive Kubrick. Eerie, unsettling, hypnotic and completely original. Years ahead of film today.

After learning of his wife’s flirtatious behavior, Dr. William Harford goes on an odyssey of his own.
66% liked it

R, 2 hr. 39 min.

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Released: Jul 16, 1999

DVD: Mar 7, 2000

Barry Lyndon

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Dehumanization is one of Kubrick’s most favorite themes. Who’s at fault in this tragic story? Isn’t every one equal? The irony and absurdity is perfectly captured throughout this picturesque and truly epic tale. On the surface everything is splendid in its rich and mannered ways. But below the surface lurks the vulgar and hypocritical society. People are ugly and corrupt. Kubrick portrays us as who we are and not as who we’d like to be. It’s a film unlike anything else. Kubrick pioneered new camera technology to create a look that feels completely authentic to its era. Ultimately, it’s a tragic character study with brilliant set pieces. Above all, it’s the pacing and tempo that makes this film so engrossing. The music, imagery (like paintings coming to life) and controlled performances make this film so immensely captivating.

With ornate imagery reminiscent of paintings from the story’s 18th century period, Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray’s novel (more…)
90% liked it

PG, 3 hr. 4 min.

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Released: Jan 1, 1975

DVD: Jun 29, 1999

Dr. Strangelove

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The greatest satire ever filmed. Genius writing and impeccable acting, especially from Peter Sellers. Kubrick can do no wrong.

Fearful that the Russians are fluoridating America’s drinking water, General Jack D. Ripper unleashes a B-52 H-Bomb attack on the Soviets, and a (more…)
94% liked it

PG, 1 hr. 33 min.

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Released: Jan 29, 1964

DVD: Nov 2, 2004

A Clockwork Orange

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Feb 05 2011

Disturbing satire. Totally complete and acute in its vision with a profound statement on free will. Scary, yet hilarious.

Based on Anthony Burgess’s disturbing novel about England in the totalitarian future, Malcolm McDowell portrays Alex, a Beethoven-loving, head-bashing (more…)
92% liked it

R, 1 hr. 36 min.

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Released: Dec 19, 1971

DVD: Jun 29, 1999

Paths of Glory

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Feb 05 2011

One half in the trenches, the other half in the courtroom. Both equally disturbing. One of the finest anti-war films ever made.

Stanley Kubrick had already made his talent known with the outstanding racetrack heist thriller The Killing, but it was the 1957 antiwar masterpiece (more…)
61% want to see it

Unrated, 1 hr. 26 min.

Director: Stanley Kubrick

DVD: May 15, 2001


0 Comments | This entry was posted on Feb 05 2011

Twisted comedy with a great cast. Controversial for its time. Now it remains hilarious and quite sad. Sellers is outstanding as usual.

How did they make a movie out of Lolita? teased the print ads of this Stanley Kubrick production. The answer: by adding three years to the title (more…)
80% liked it

Unrated, 2 hr. 32 min.

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Released: Jun 13, 1962

DVD: Jun 29, 1999

Full Metal Jacket

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The first half is among the greatest war films ever made. The second half (adapted from a different book) is more enigmatic and surreal. All in all, a fascinating Vietnam film to say the least.

Story follows a group of Marine recruits from the harrowing experience of boot camp to the horrifying battlefronts of Vietnam.
93% liked it

R, 1 hr. 56 min.

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Released: Jun 17, 1987

DVD: Jun 29, 1999

The Killing

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A great crime film. It put Kubrick on the map. He attempts film noir with great results. Simple, smart and entertaining. Tarantino borrowed a thing or two from this early Kubrick film.

Crooks plan and execute a daring racetrack robbery.
90% liked it

Unrated, 1 hr. 23 min.

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Released: Jan 1, 1956

DVD: Aug 15, 2001


0 Comments | This entry was posted on Feb 05 2011

The epic swords and sandals picture. Incredible action scenes with some remarkable moments. Still, it’s very corny and obvious. As enjoyable as it is, it’s definitely flawed. Not exactly a “Kubrick” film.

Spartacus (Kirk Douglas) is a rebellious slave purchased by Lentulus Batiatus (Peter Ustinov), owner of a school for gladiators. For the entertainment (more…)
79% liked it

PG-13, 3 hr. 16 min.

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Released: Jan 1, 1967

DVD: Apr 24, 2001