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The Shining

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The most cinematic and artistically genius horror film ever made. Forget the ghosts, Kubrick has made a movie about domestic violence within a dysfunctional family. Brilliant performances and soundtrack. In the late 70s, America’s divorce rate was at an all-time high. Kubrick taps into our cultural anxiety brilliantly. It’s insane just how original The Shining is. Kubrick’s pacing and use of space is what sets this masterpiece apart from most horror films. The over-the-top performances totally get under your skin. Nicholson and Duvall are perfectly cast. I saw this movie when I was eight and it scarred me for life.

Frustrated writer Jack Torrance takes a job as the winter caretaker at the ominous, mountain-locked Overlook Hotel so that he can write in peace. When (more…)
91% liked it

R, 1 hr. 59 min.

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Released: May 23, 1980

DVD: Jun 29, 1999

The Exorcist

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Scariest film ever made. Outstanding sound design. A story that leaves you with a feeling that haunts and provokes your deepest fears. Makes a very convincing argument for the possibility of true evil in this world.

When a 12-year old girl is possessed by demons, a young priest takes it upon himself to selflessly save her at the behest of her famous movie-star (more…)
83% liked it

R, 2 hr. 1 min.

Director: William Friedki…

Released: Dec 26, 1973

DVD: Dec 1, 1998


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One of the most sacred hidden gems that I’ve come across. How did this slip through the radar for so many years? Every single scene is free from cliche and holds some secret jewel waiting to be discovered. Neil and Adjani are spectacular. It’s impossible to take your eyes off them. Adjani has a few moments that would make Cassavetes proud. The horror is both psychological and explicit. The direction is faultless with each shot being artful and evocative. I spent the entire two hours wide-eyed in awe, at times laughing at the absurdity, at other times riveted at the honest emotions lurking under the surface. As surreal as this film is, it’s also very autobiographical. Think Cronenberg meets Polanski. Easily the finest video nasty I’ve come across. (Anchor Bay released it double-billed with Bava’s last film Shock.)

A young woman left her family for an unspecified reason. The husband determines to find out the truth and starts following his wife. At first, he (more…)
78% liked it

R, 2 hr. 3 min.

Director: Andrzej Zulawsk…

Released: Jan 1, 1981

DVD: May 9, 2000

The Thing

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Carpenter’s one truly GREAT movie. The ultimate monster movie. Bleak and brilliant effects. Very Hitchcockian suspense.

An American scientific expedition to the frozen wastes of the Antarctic is interrupted by a group of seemingly mad Norwegians pursuing and shooting a (more…)
88% liked it

R, 1 hr. 48 min.

Director: John Carpenter

Released: Jul 1, 1982

DVD: Aug 28, 2001


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It’s insane how much Lars Von Trier accomplishes with basically just two actors in the woods. I can’t recall the last time I was this terrified while watching a movie. It felt as if anything could happen. Not only is this one of my all-time favorite horror films but also one of the most supremely intelligent horror films ever made. Inspired by the silent Swedish classic, Haxan, as well as elements from both Tarkovsky and Dreyer, Antichrist achieves a profound terror that manages to balance between marital domestic violence and satanic witchcraft. The stunningly gorgeous book-ending sequences are unforgettable. The cryptic, harrowing and enthralling animals scattered throughout the story evoke ancient fairy tales. I’ve never been so frightened by a fox. Yes, the film is provocative but thank God there are directors who still push the envelope and actually have something to say. Lars Von Trier continues to explore the ART of cinema and I for one eagerly anticipate his next experiment. Fans of the film should check out Zulawski’s Possession. They both share a great deal of the same horror and intrigue.

A grieving couple retreat to ‘Eden’, their isolated cabin in the woods, where they hope to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage. But (more…)
55% liked it

Unrated, 1 hr. 44 min.

Director: Lars von Trier

Released: Oct 23, 2009

DVD: Mar 1, 2010

Nosferatu: The Vampyre

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The greatest vampire film ever made. Owes a great deal to the original Nosferatu. Herzog and Kinski surpass it with a haunting mood and creepy atmosphere. A visually stunning art film. What is especially unique about my favorite Herzog film is the way he creates supernatural environments with natural means.

Jonathan and Lucy live in Wismar and the Count wants a house there. Varna is a port on the Black Sea, close to Dracula’s castle.
81% liked it

PG, 1 hr. 47 min.

Director: Werner Herzog

Released: Jan 17, 1979

DVD: Feb 16, 1999

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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One of the most disturbing films ever made. Hooper must have fluked out with the brilliance behind this pseudo-documentary approach.

A group of teenagers on the road in Texas stop off at the wrong farm and encounter a family gone awry. Once abattoir workers, the decay of the (more…)
78% liked it

R, 1 hr. 23 min.

Director: Tobe Hooper

Released: Oct 1, 1999

DVD: Oct 13, 1993


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A classic that re-invented the genre, spawning the slasher film. From the concept to the mis-en-scene and score, Carpenter made a classic in a brilliant minimalist approach to storytelling. At age seven, this was the first horror film I ever saw. Gave me nightmares for months.

A psychotic murderer institutionalized since childhood escapes on a mindless rampage while his doctor chases him through the streets.
85% liked it

R, 1 hr. 33 min.

Director: John Carpenter

Released: Oct 25, 1978

DVD: Oct 27, 1997


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The ultimate ghost story / roller-coaster ride. Definitely a Spielberg movie. Characters you care about, FX that astonish, and a story that knows how to scare children.

A young family is visited by ghosts in their home. At first the ghosts appear friendly, moving objects around the house to the amusement of everyone, (more…)
74% liked it

PG, 1 hr. 54 min.

Director: Tobe Hooper

Released: Jun 4, 1982

DVD: Apr 18, 2000

The Fly

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A flawless Cronenberg film. Tragic, operatic and gruesome.

A brilliant but eccentric scientist begins to transform into a giant man/fly hybrid after one of his experiments goes horribly wrong.
74% liked it

R, 1 hr. 36 min.

Director: David Cronenber…

Released: Aug 15, 1986

DVD: Sep 5, 2000